Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Give Birds More Reasons to Visit Your Backyard

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Give Birds More Reasons to Visit Your Backyard

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AUSTRALIA'S small birds need our help. The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia wants people to know that they can help small birds to breed and flourish in Coffs Harbour.

All you have to do is plant the right plants on National Tree Day, tomorrow.

aThis National Tree Day, we're urging people to provide a haven for small birds by planting shrubs,a said Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia president Suzanne Medway.

aSmall birds need dense foliage to hide among, to stay safe from cats, dogs and even larger, more aggressive birds. If the right conditions are provided, small birds like willie wagtails, blue wrens and yellow robins will visit your garden,a Ms Medway said.

aSmall birds are lovely to watch, are wonderful to have around the garden and they keep insects in check. Many homeowners and councils have planted trees such as bottlebrush and melaleucas in recent years. Rainbow lorikeets, noisy miners and wattlebirds have all flourished in response to these tree plantings ... now it's time to do our bit to help the small birds.a

So what do you need to encourage birdlife into your backyard?

To provide a habitat that birds will thrive in, you will need a number of components: A variety of plants that will provide food, shelter and nesting sites for birds; fresh water for birds to drink and bathe in; a chemical-free environment and mulch or leaf litter to encourage worms, insects and grubs.


THE quickest and easiest way to attract birds to your backyard is to put some food out for them a DON'T DO IT. Store-bought seed mixes can actually make a lot of native birds crook, but that isn't the only reason not to put prepared food out for birds. By providing an artificial food source you are causing the birds to become dependant on you and when you stop feeding them for whatever reason a perhaps you go on holidays, for example a they are going to become awfully hungry.

Feeding also upsets the natural balance of things. If you start feeding magpies, for example, it won't be long before you have dozens of them turning up and other types of birds won't get a look in.

Supply food sure, but in a natural way, by establishing an environment that will provide a natural source of food. …

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