Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Crafty Manipulator Opts for Smack to Succeed in Life

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Crafty Manipulator Opts for Smack to Succeed in Life

Article excerpt

A LOT of my friends tell me I'll probably make a great dad one day.

Unfortunately, they usually follow this with abecause you're constantly making lame dad jokesa but that part doesn't really matter.

I'm actually excited to see how my children turn out and that feeling of responsible for their well-being.

I just hope responsible is used in sentences like aIt's so lovely to meet the father responsible for raising a three-times Nobel Prize winnera and not ones like aThe court hereby finds you responsible for your child's horrible actionsa.

I look forward to the responsibility of raising a kid, to be able to watch them grow, to cheer for them during their high points and be there for them during their low points and most importantly, sponge money from them when I get old.

But one of the biggest questions that arise whenever parenting is called into question is aIs it okay to smack your kids?a

There are quite a few opinions on this; on one extreme you have the aOf course, I used to belt my kids every morning for eating breakfast the wrong way and hang them from their ankles over a pit of snakes for hours every time they misbehaved and they turned out just finea style of parent.

On the other side, you have the aSmacking children is reprehensible, you need to talk to them about what they've done wronga which is well-meaning but can often forget that kids can, well, are just jerks sometimes.

A recent study of children aged three to six from the University of Toronto has found children who receive physical punishment have far less self-control than those spared the rod.

An interesting result although the professor in charge of the study said smacking could sometimes be viewed as a reward instead of a punishment because the kid saw it as attention from mum or dad.

Really, if your kid is asking to be smacked just for a little bit of attention then things are probably pretty bad already.

But did I ever get smacked while growing up? Of course!

Any one who got smacked probably remembers what instrument was used to do it.

For my sister and me it was a wooden spoon which was also used to stir pasta. …

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