Computer Hackers Target Two Warwick Businesses; Technician Shocked to Discover First Instances of Invasion in Seven Years of Business

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Signs your website may have been targeted by hackers:

Displaced images or anything on your website that doesn't look right.

Hackers will often target a picture and make subtle changes, including the colour, size or placement.

Strange emails or orders. If you notice any of these signs contact your site creator or a PC technician.

COMPUTER technician Chris Hudson said he was shocked to discover two local businesses had become victims of hacking in the past couple of weeks, saying he had never before seen it in Warwick.

One of the businesses Co R on the Downs Co had a virus placed behind one of its images and the other had more than 100 orders placed under the name C[pounds sterling]HackerC[yen].

Mr Hudson Co who owns Warwick PC Solutions Co also fell victim to the hackers, after a virus lodged itself in his computer while he was repairing one of the damaged websites.

He said it is C[pounds sterling]very unusualC[yen] that in the past two weeks he had been enlisted to help the two very different businesses repair websites that had been hacked.

While it is obvious there is ill-intent from the individuals responsible, the motive for such an attack is not clear.

C[pounds sterling]It's a bit like graffiti Co they're just doing it to be malicious,C[yen] Mr Hudson said.

While hacking has always been around, Mr Hudson said these are the first cases he has seen in his seven years of business in the Rose City.

C[pounds sterling]I had to help a shoe store in Toowoomba that was hacked three times in one week but you don't normally hear of it in Warwick,C[yen] he said.

C[pounds sterling]It's a bit like the fog this morning, you don't see it very often and when you do you think, Cywow, that's unusual'. …


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