Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

The Toast of Britain

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

The Toast of Britain

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Byline: Lesley Apps

USUALLY if you see a toaster on someone's wedding list you think great, I'll get out of that for 50 bucks or less, but if they've specified a Dualit, you're better off going for the food processor or microwave.

Those little metal boxes of warmness will set you back about $400 for a small two-slot and if you're a growing family that needs six slots to keep up with breakfast toast, you might prefer to buy a Breville, and spend the money you save on an iPad or large digital television. At around $700 rrp you'd really have to eat a lot of toast before getting your head around that price tag Co ordering out for it over the next decade would probably come cheaper but of course you wouldn't end up with that cool cube of gleaming British design sitting on your granite benchtops either.

I have to confess I've been cheating for the past five years with a Ronson look-alike I found for $30. It's still going strong, sometimes too strong. Although we don't use it every day and there are no kids lining up with plates driving it, it works okay but one side always gets a better tan than the other, and occasionally it decides to see if it can create fossil fuels from the bread without notice.

So what do you get for your $400?

Well each toaster is assembled by hand and includes the assembler's individual mark on the base plate, so that's starting to sound a bit like a collector's item.

It's also enduring in style and built without compromise. Instead of being a disposable item like many electrical appliances today, you can buy Dualit spare parts and have them replaced so generations of toast lovers can enjoy the marvel of this timeless machine.

You will also enjoy the C[pounds sterling]stay warmC[yen] feature where the toast is cooked for a specified period by setting a time switch and then manually eject by depressing a lever rather than being automatically C[pounds sterling]poppedC[yen]. …

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