Make It Your Business to Succeed; Greenwich School of Management Offers a Diverse Range of Programmes Focused on Maximising Future Employability of Graduates

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[bar] F you are currently negotiating your way through the Clearing system, the advice remains to stay calm, do your research and choose wisely. According to specialist schools such as the Greenwich School of Management (GSoM), there is still time to secure your place for this September in a wide range of sought-after subject areas.

The school offers validated degree programmes which include BSc (Hons), MBA and MSc degrees through partnerships with such institutions as the University of Plymouth and the University of Wales.

Brian Buckley, a senior admissions tutor at GSoM, highlights a recent Guardian Education guide which ranked GSoM Plymouth University Management degrees in the top five business and management programmes in London, alongside UCL, King's, City and LSE.

"For nearly 40 years, Greenwich School of Management has been recognised as an institution that meets the needs of students, employers and the wider academic community, and has a deserved reputation as being one of the leading independent business schools in London," he says.

"We pride ourselves on the school's personal, tight-knit, caring and friendly ambience. It's small enough for staff to know all the students personally and this gives the place an intimate atmosphere."

Buckley believes that for too long many universities have been offering undergraduate courses that do not reflect the needs of employing organisations.

He says: "While a diverse range of programmes have merit in that they offer a wider eclectic choice to young applicants, such programmes do not always give students the best career opportunities. At GSoM we appreciate that our students are investing valuable time and money in their future. With this in mind, we are keen to ensure that our programmes are focused on maximising future employability opportunities for our graduates."

Specialist university business schools such as GSoM are in a unique position to offer a high quality educational experience at a much lower cost than the larger universities. …