Foster Care in Crisis Gold Coast Short on Foster Carers; GOLD COAST: Group Claims Lack of Help Puts Children at Risk

Article excerpt

Byline: Laura Brodnik

GOLD Coast children suffering from sexual and physical abuse are being placed in undesirable living situations due to a desperate lack of foster carers.

One foster care provider revealed more than 25 children a month are being placed in safe yet undesirable living situations because there are simply not enough carers to provide them with a home.

Spiritus Tufnell Residential and Community Care (TRACC) Gold Coast service manager Candice Bell said it provides care for children who are unable to live with their own families.

aThere are never enough foster carers, but there is a desperate need for carers who can take sibling groups and older children,a Ms Bell said.

aThat's the biggest area we need help in. We struggle to find homes for children aged nine and over.

aWe often end up having to separate sibling groups because we don't have carers that can take more than one child. It's not good.a

Ms Bell said if homes cannot be found on the Gold Coast for children then they can be moved to other cities.

aIf we cannot find homes they can be placed outside of the community. Or they may go into residential care where they are looked after by youth workers,a she said.

aLeaving the Gold Coast can definitely be upsetting. We don't like to change their schools, and usually the parents live around the area and they need to have contact, so that can make it really difficult for them. …


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