Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Where It's All Bubba Burgers, All the Time

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Where It's All Bubba Burgers, All the Time

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Byline: J.F. Mix

Here's the question: Why would you go to a restaurant to eat food you can literally make at home? The restaurant posing the question is The Original Bubba Burger Grill.

Bubba Burgers are a local frozen burger sensation that have a loyal regional following. Found in the freezer section, their deal is that they need not be defrosted. Place the frozen beef puck on the grill and let it cook. When juices begin to run, flip it, cook to desired temperature and serve. Imagine, ready-to-eat patties that can be served anytime you get the hankering for a burger.

Bubba Burgers is taking the idea even further by opening the restaurants. On the road and want a Bubba? Pop into the restaurant. The first of four planned spots is at Beach and Hodges boulevards, with the second set to open any day now in Baymeadows Road off 9A as well as two others planned for Normandy Boulevard and Fleming Island.

Bubba Burger Grill isn't fast food per say, but you do need some instruction on your first visit. Upon entering, you can choose table service by sitting in the small bar area with sports on three flat screens as well as draft and bottled beer and wine. Or, walk to the counter in the large dining area and order at the register, grab a number and the waitstaff will bring your order to you.

Bubba Burger Grill is true to its product. They pretty much only serve Bubba Burgers - Original, Sweet Onion, Jalapeno, Certified Angus, All Natural and Big Texas (1/2 pound of 100 percent USDA Choice beef). If you're hungry enough, you can make it a double or triple patty burger.

If you're not into beef, the only other choices are the Turkey Burger or the Mini Dawgs (a platter of 3 small hot dogs for $5).


Limited menu restaurants have made it big in these parts. At the Beach, Cruisers Grill has a great following but has a menu that fits on the back of a baseball card. The Loop, with a bit more substantial menu, was known as a burger and pizza place when it first opened. Bubba Burgers Grill is just too dependent on its own products.

We ordered the Big Texas ($6) with Pepperjack Cheese, on a whole wheat bun with mayonnaise, and a Turkey Burger ($5), with Swiss cheese, tomato and ketchup. Bun choices include white and Multi-Grain Thin.

Although I was told that the burger would be cooked medium-rare, it was well past that and was a grayish medium-well. As a result, it was dry and not to my liking. The Turkey Burger was more moist but would have been better served if we had doctored it up with one of the several toppings such as Bubba Slaw ($1), Bubba Chili ($1), Bubba Bacon ($1) of grilled onions or peppers (50 cents each).

The buns however, were fresh and light. The bread was ample enough to hold the meat but I didn't feel I was carbo loading due to its size. …

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