Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

You Should Be Able to Just Forget That the Actor Has a Different Voice in Real Life

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

You Should Be Able to Just Forget That the Actor Has a Different Voice in Real Life

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Byline: KATE FOX

IWEPT at the book but nearly didn't go to see the film because I knew Anne Hathaway's alleged bad Yorkshire accent in the film One Day would make me want to throw popcorn at the screen.

However, I did go, and was pleasantly surprised.

She's a fantastic actress and I thought the accent was actually perfect for a character who went away to university and then went to live in London. Someone like that wouldn't have the "Ee bah gum I've left mi whippets down t'pit" accent that passes for a RADA trained actor pretending to be Northern; voices change.

In my first year at university I remember people's vowels being more all over the place than their legs after 10 pints of Snakebite in the Union bar. I don't think it's so much that former EastEnder Michelle Collins' Lancashire accent is bad in Corrie, but that it doesn't quite fit her character and sounds like she's trying too hard.

You should be able to just forget that the actor has a different voice in real life - like when Scottish David Tennant is speaking flawless Estuary English in Doctor Who.

There are, however, too many bad Geordie accents on screen. I don't know why casting companies can't just venture up to the North East and cast more - gasp - genuine Geordies, rather than actors whose accents travel all the way from Berwick to Whitby and back again with diversions via Aberystwyth and Abu Dhabi.

I dread the time in 30 years or so when someone is making the film Simon Cowell: The Man Behind The Trousers. Some bright-eyed young actors from London will be picked to portray Ant and Dec, Cheryl Cole and Joe McElderry and some voice coach will forget they had pleasant, melodic Newcastle tones and train them to speak as if they were Bobby Thompson doing a Bobby Charlton impression on fast forward. HOUSE DREAMS: I'M 36 and so far I've always rented, never bought a home. I try convince myself that in France, Germany and Holland, in fact, much of the rest of the continent, that's the norm.

I consoled myself that it made me as European as pavement cafes, Carla Bruni's skirts and the persistent fashion for mullets. …

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