Computers Revived at Tip; More Electronic Waste Recycled

Article excerpt

Byline: Jannette Parke

EVER thought of going to the tip for your next computer?

Don't laugh, some people do, and quite often they are the ones laughing a all the way to the bank.

Kathy McFarlane, recycle shop worker at the Bonnick Rd Waste Management Facility, sees imagination at work every day as people fossick for bits and pieces they can re-use in various ways a not necessarily the original use.

Imagination and recycling go hand in hand it seems.

One example is at this time of year old grass catchers are in hot demand for hen's laying nests.

aPeople are getting better at recycling,a Kathy said.

And they are getting better at giving landfill-bound obsolete electronic goods a second chance by dropping them off at the recycle shop.

Kathy has seen the amount of electronic products thrown out at the Gympie dump increase dramatically.

Globally the trend is alarming. One figure put electronic waste, or e-waste, as making up about 5% of all municipal solid waste worldwide.

It is nearly the same amount as all plastic packaging a only more hazardous because of the toxic materials they contain.

aThis year we are seeing a lot more people call in and ask if we want their (e-waste),a she said.

aA lot is dropped off when offices are updated. …


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