Palestinians Must Be Supported; Views of the North

Article excerpt

IT IS ironic your correspondent Mr Speker writes of the distress of Israeli musicians during the Albert Hall demonstrations while Palestinians have suffered for 40 years at the hands of a terrorist state (Views of the North, September 12).

The Holocaust was a despicable act in world history, but why is the Israeli government repeating the same upon Palestinians and occupying 80% of their land? Checkpoints and snipers make prisoners of the people and are psychological tools to terrorise, humiliate and control.

Therefore, by Israeli military decree, Palestine is stateless because they have no autonomy to make national decisions.

Yet, despite the fact Arafat agreed to the Israeli land grab and the additional fact that Hamas was elected democratically, Israel continues to 'resettle' and refuses to acknowledge fair elections (with tacit approval and arms supplies from US and UK).

This is not an equal struggle. In the second uprising 90% of the dead and wounded were Palestinian civilians, but this was not reported on TV.

As Greg Philo, research director of Glasgow University Media Unit concluded, "if you don't understand the Middle East crisis it might be because you are watching it on TV". …


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