Keeping Kids on the 'Basket' Ball; Both Males and Females Think It's Cool

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Nutrition, Health, Well-being

Substance Misuse, Emotional, Physical Abuse, Self-Harm

Conflict Resolution, Impulse Control, Anger Management

Communication and Decision Making

Confidence, Self Esteem and Making Positive Choices

Personal Identity and Community Engagement Skills

Cultural Development and Awareness

Financial Literacy

Job Readiness

THE hunt is on for people to take advantage of an initiative to take part in a program to help combat anti-social behaviour in young people.

Midnight Basketball is a national social inclusion program to help young people identify and embrace positive opportunities.

With a a[approximately]No Work-Shop, No Jump-Shot' slogan, this innovative program is designed to engage teenagers in a safe and motivating environment, and has proven popular in a number of centres across Australia.

Designed for youth between the ages of 12 to 18, the tournament will run for eight weeks from 7pm to 11.30pm on Fridays, with all participants safely home by midnight.

Teams are given a healthy dinner, complete a life-skills workshop, and play tournament basketball over the course of the evening.

The program and workshops are highly structured, with a focus on life skills and job readiness. …