Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Outstanding Fines Mount Up

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Outstanding Fines Mount Up

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IT HAS been reported that about $688 million is owed by fine dodgers in Queensland. This is a very large amount of money.

Years ago, if one did not pay a fine within a certain period, you were ushered off to spend time in the clink.

Many people are honest and would tremble in their boots at the thought of being hauled off to jail.

It now appears that it is easy to avoid paying on the spot and other fines in Queensland.

Can someone please tell us how honest people can avoid paying a fine, without a lot of stress and a guilty conscience?


Glen Aplin

a[approximately]Natural-born' rule should be applied

JUST like the US President needs to be a natural-born US citizen, so too should the Australian Prime Minister be born in Australia. Neither Julia Gillard nor Tony Abbott fill these criteria, so should not assume the role.



Abbott mocking democratic process

SO-called Opposition leader Tony Abbott supports legislation that will enable the government of the day to implement the offshore processing of illegal immigrants, but only if it excludes certain locations.

What sort of convoluted legislation do you call that? Just who does this populist fop think he is?

Such decisions are the responsibility of the government, who can then face the judgement of the voters when Parliament has run its term, and an election is called. Abbott is making a mockery of Australia's democracy and parliamentary processes, purely to foster his burning personal obsession for power.

He wouldn't make a legislator's left boot!



Another side to the CSG story

THERE are often two sides to a story and so it applies to the advertisements aWe want CSGa.

When you attend information sessions or meetings and see the look of anguish on the faces of landowners as they tell of their heartfelt experiences with CSG companies. …

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