Data Security - Are Your Clients Sa Afe from Identity Theft?

Article excerpt

Byline: Ian Wallace

IN perhaps the largest breach of private information ever, Sony recently admitted that the personal details of 77 million Play-station users may have been stolen by hackers.

This was followed by a series of further attacks on the organisation's websites.

Breaches of data confidentiality incidents are increasing in number and significance each year.

Such leakages are not only costly, but damaging in terms of an organisation's reputation.

In addition, the costs to an organisation are increasing, due to the impact on business reputation, and resulting loss in turnover, and also to increasing legislative penalty thresholds.

Protect your business and your clients Weaknesses in network devices, hosting platforms and services, as well as the security design of application must be monitored and assessed to verify that security baselines are adequate.

Amid these growing dangers, vulnerability management is an essential element of your security programme.

Many companies' privacy, security and confidentiality policies are driven by regulatory requirements, but this is only the starting point.

If your employees and clients are not confident that these areas are properly addressed then the impact and adoption of technologies such as ecommerce systems - or indeed gaming networks - you introduce will be significantly reduced.

To address the risk of confidential data breaches you need to ensure you are aware of, and implementing, best practices to manage the risks to the information you store and exchange. …