Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Dance as Though No-One Is Watching You

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Dance as Though No-One Is Watching You

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AFTER dancing for the Hear and Say Centre's charity event on Saturday night to support children with hearing and speech impairment I am learning more about living in the now instead of the past and the future.

We can practice, we can think about what to do C* but it does not matter unless we can be. For 8-10 weeks a group of six Sunshine Coast identities were learning how to do dance from instructors who were to partner us on the night. Yet after something like 200hours of practice it got to a point last week where my instructor Suzie Sawyer and I agreed there was nothing more we could do except just wait for the night.

So on Saturday I threw everything in the car and headed off to Caloundra to be at the performance centre at 10am to start the run-throughs, the sound checks, the lighting checks, the costume checks and to see what the running schedule was going to be.

First thing was a text from Suzie, saying she and her husband Ray would be a bit late getting there from Brisbane. Ray is another instructor and was partnering Nadine Sullivan in the charity event. As it turned out Ray had an accident on his motorbike on Friday and spent the night in hospital with severe bruising to the lower body. He didn't want to tell Nadine about the accident in case she started to stress out.

However, Suzie and Ray arrived in time insisting he would be OK to dance. From then on we got used to the dressing room, organised the costumes C* we were doing the John Travolta routine from Saturday Night Fever. An interesting choice. One of the best-known dance routines performed by an amazing dancer and here I was trying it C* someone who has not been a good dancer.

The theme for the night was based on pretending it was a live TV show about Dancing with the Stars. It was a great theme. We could hear the crowd participation right through. So instead of people sitting back waiting to be entertained, they were part of it and it brought a great response.

Eleven-year-old Liam Prineas from the Hear and Say Centre was a guest judge. Seven's Todd McKenny was hosting the event with Hot 91's Sami Muirhead.

When the music started and I had to walk confidently down the hall to the count C* one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight C* stop, look and walk to the right to another count of four and fix my cuffs. …

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