Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

No Freedoms without Respect

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

No Freedoms without Respect

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PASTOR Graham Kell correctly says C[pounds sterling]Freedom is possible, if we want it to beC[yen] (Daily, October 23). His parrot story shows one way.

Australia is not C[pounds sterling]a free countryC[yen] (as in my childhood in 1945) because it failed to grasp that we can't legislate for freedom, only to take it away. Politicians did so with every new law/bylaw enacted.

Freedom is only based on the common law principle that I am free to do what I want, but I am responsible for the consequences of everything I do.

I have a right to have a dog, but I have equal responsibility to ensure that my dog does not unreasonably disturb my neighbour.

Who is my neighbour? Anyone I must live peaceably with.

How can Australians regain freedom? By accepting their personal responsibilities with their rights, by stopping their political representatives from making new laws and by making them remove existing ones that were not asked for.

Disputes should not be settled by bureaucrats unilaterally issuing on-the-spot fines, but by magistrates, judges and juries of the accused's peers.

That's because it is impossible to legislate for every circumstance.

C[pounds sterling]Freedom is possible if we want it to beC[yen], but the only way available now is by citizen's initiated referenda and recall, as described by Professor Geoffrey De Q Walker in his book, The People's Law.

It's why I spent some time in the Queensland National Party, then left to vote for Peter Wellington, and they both abandoned it.

Power is a very addictive thing.



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