Support for Disadvantaged Youth

Article excerpt

THE Honda Foundation and Rex Gorell Honda have presented a new Honda Civic to child welfare organisation MacKillop Family Services for its Learn Right, Drive Right program.

While living in residential or foster care, children may not have the same opportunities that children living with their families might have. Learning to drive provides an independence on which most people come to rely, and this typically starts with many hours behind the wheel of a parent's car.

Chairman of The Honda Foundation Lindsay Smalley holds high regard for the program.

aWe are pleased to be supporting a program that helps to develop independence in disadvantaged youth, and also teaches safety skills that make driving a positive experience.a

MacKillop Family Services was formed in 1997 as a re-founding of the earlier works carried out by its founding congregations.

It is now one of the largest providers of support services to disadvantaged and vulnerable youth and their families.

The organisation provides more than 90 services including the support of disadvantaged families, such as those raising a child with a disability, and youth education and training services. …


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