Protester Propaganda Was an Insult; Views of the North

Article excerpt

DENISE Robertson relies upon easy and often absurd stereotypes and propaganda in her piece about the St Paul's protest (The Bottom Line, J2 November 1).

She begins by claiming the protesters are causing distress to the wrong people. Yet, this is a peaceful and by all accounts friendly, considerate and informative protest, which has caused little more than inconvenience to the public and Church.

However the target of their protest, the world of high finance and multinational corporations, have caused real distress across the globe, including unemployment, hunger, inequality, injustice, environmental destruction and the current economic recession.

Sadly, Denise then resorts to regurgitating common media propaganda about protesters. Using terms like "idealists", "windbags", and "freeloaders" who are unwilling to work in preference to a drink and drug-fuelled street party.

As a student of politics, social movements and an anti-war protester, I find this language very insulting and derogatory towards those who make a great sacrifice and effort to keep injustice and political matters in the mainstream media. …


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