Coal Seam Gas Mining Conflict Is Set to Explode Because of Rogue Operators, a Coast Conference Was Told

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Jones's radar spot on

I DON'T like Alan Jones very much but, by gosh, the man's got a very good radar. IMO, his views on the carbon tax and its repercussions has panned out exactly as he predicted it would. Next we'll see the shale gas and shale oil industry put its hands up for C[pounds sterling]we could replace coalC[yen] duty, and I'd hate to even think about nuclear. IMO, we are all paying the price for Julia Gillard's obsession with being PM.

b4ref33t from Bli Bli

Secret funny business

ETHICS and lies bought and sold under the five stars. The dreaming now the nightmare. The sacred, profane.

Pescadero from Coolum Beach

Vested interest fears

I'M STILL on the fence with CSG, also with the Gladstone Harbour issues. Apparently the diseased fish were being noticed before the dredging started. Is it possible to monitor the industry and their workers closely enough to avoid environmental damage? I don't know, and that's the problem. I'm not a scientist so have to rely on he says she says. …


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