Our Cops A[euro][approximately]devastated'; Police Compensation Reforms Pass through Parliament

Article excerpt

Byline: GRAHAMORAMS graham.orams@dailyexaminer.com.au

A GRAFTON police officer has described as adevastatinga yesterday's passing of reforms to the NSW police compensation scheme.

NSW Police Association representative Tony King said there had been a complete lack of consultation about the changes.

aIt's quite devastating to police across the state and up this way in the northern region that this legislation has been rammed through without proper consultation or a negotiated outcome a it really is disappointing,a Mr King said.

After the passing of the legislation through the upper house on Thursday night, Premier Barry O'Farrell told reporters: aOne of the things that can now occur ... is that police officers across the state can now start to get the facts about the coverage that this amended scheme offers.a

Mr King was less than impressed with Mr O'Farrell's apparent inference that the NSW Police Association had been misleading its members.

aThat's a reprehensible comment a we haven't misled anyone,a Mr King said.

aWe've tried to negotiate a process through this where we could get a satisfactory outcome for the members as a whole.

aUnfortunately, the Government has chosen to ram this legislation through in the last week of parliament.a

Yesterday, reforms to the NSW police compensation scheme passed through the parliament's lower house 59 votes to 23. …


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