Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Surviving the Festive Season Is Not So Hard

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Surviving the Festive Season Is Not So Hard

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WATER is one of the keys to surviving the Christmas party season a but the timing can make a difference.

aDrink a glass of pure water 20 minutes before each meal a any closer and it dilutes the digestive juices, which can slow down digestion of the meal,a Gary Samer, naturopath said.

aWhen you wake up a add a half or whole lemon or lime into the water which will help alkalise the body and to cleanse the liver and kidneys,a Mr Samer said.

He explained that the body's natural circadian rhythm includes a period from 4am to noon when the body focuses on detoxification a making the body acidic on waking a noticeable in a coated tongue.

aWhen you drink excess alcohol a one of the main reasons you suffer so much with a hangover is dehydration a having an excess of meat, alcohol, sugar or caffeine will all traditionally dehydrate you,a he said.

aFor instance if you follow a high protein weight loss diet, most of the weight you will lose is the moisture in your body.a

Desserts spelt backwards is stressed a which he says is exactly what an excess of sugar can do to your body.

aMangoes a talk about a gift from the gods a and the other summer fruits in season are perfectly timed for surviving the party season.a

Starting the day with fresh fruit a alive with goodness and enzymes which can help break down food a is a perfect start to the day.

aOne of the easiest things to do which has remarkable benefits is to always start the meal with a salad first a even a small one a as it can make your food easier to digest and assimilate everything that follows.

aThe less energy that goes to digestion, the more energy the body has available for detoxifying and healing. There is more energy used in the digestion of food than in any other normal body function a sex, exercise, anything short of a marathon.a

Few of us feel like running a marathon after a large meal a particularly a heavy roast dinner a as our bodies start to process the inputs, gentle exercise can make a big difference.

He suggests we make the most of aliving in one of the most beautiful places on eartha by adopting a European tradition of promenading after an evening meal. …

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