Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Deals Pick Up Speed but the Electric Car Fails to Perform

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Deals Pick Up Speed but the Electric Car Fails to Perform

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MONDAY With three children under five to deal with I struggle to get to work on time for a new week, and while trying to get out of the door I manage to catch my suit pocket on the latch.

After a few discreet mutterings to myself (there are children present after all) I recover my dignity and decide that I have to get to the office, even with an impressive tear from side to back, and a pocket hanging off.

After a busy weekend of viewings we receive four interesting offers on three properties. It would appear the market has not drifted into unconsciousness after all.

I pop over to advise a couple who are in the process of downsizing from their family house in the village. Like many, they have been there for over 20 years.

I'm expecting the usual dance around on fees and prices, but they quickly ask me: "When can you start?" Wow! Why can't everyone be so easy to do business with? Maybe it's because I have changed my suit...

TUESDAY We agree two of our weekend offers, and the week is looking up. I decide it will be good to go green today, so I borrow a colleague's electric car to get along to a viewing. Hmmm. On the way back, climbing up Wimbledon Hill, the true reason why electric auto-motion hasn't caught on becomes very clear.

The car, having transformed into a whelk, begins to struggle and slow to what can only be described as toddler pace: I could push it faster. If this is being green I think I'll get a bike.

WEDNESDAY Below our office is a private members gym. This comes with its perks but also problems.

This morning during our meeting, audible grunts and groans generate like a rather suspect chorus.

And the music can create issues, too, although I think I have decided that Eric Prydz's Call On Me is actually quite good to rev up the early morning team meeting. …

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