Get Your Masters in Tree Growing; Free ,Cytry before You Buy' Introductory Day in Grafton

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course outline

1. Introductory Day

Getting to know your local forests, basics on forest ecology, how the trees in your forest regenerate, grow and interact. Local forest types and species identification.

2. Products and markets

Sawmill visit looking at basic sawmilling techniques. Product options from your forest (assessing trees and logs). Local and regional markets, local supply and demand issues. Value-adding, drying timber.

3. Forest assessment & measurement

How to measure your trees and forests. Assessing your forest and its history. Introduction to forest management planning. Legislative issues.

4. Native forest silviculture

Competition and spacing of trees in forests. Thinning, harvesting and regenerating native forests. Biodiversity conservation. During harvesting, soil and water protection. Further forest management planning.

5. & 6. Sustainable harvesting & forest management planning

Bringing it all together: worked examples of private forest growers/forest plans. Economics of small-scale forestry and value adding. Forest certification and marketing. Forest management planning wrap up.

A SPECIAL six-day private native forestry management Master Tree Grower course will be run in the Grafton area beginning with a free Cytry-before-you-buy' introduction day this Tuesday, December 13.

Hosted by Rowan Reid and Annabel Kater and supported by the NSW Government, the course is specifically designed for landholders who want to enhance the quality of their native forest Co whatever their interests. …


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