We Need Noise to Get NBN Rollout in a Hurry

Article excerpt

THE constant coughing was not letting up. It was now 2am. Mum was growing more concerned. When Dad suggested he turn on the television she nearly went ballistic but bit her tongue as he went on to suggest getting the C[pounds sterling]live'' online doctor to diagnose the problem and advise the best treatment. Just like sitting in the doctor's cubicle, the young boy was brought in front of the camera and questions were asked, symptoms were discussed, the doctor observed as Mum took the boy's temperature and a treatment plan was discussed and downloaded.

You may be saying this is no aspiration for the future - in other parts of the world, this is happening now. No doubt it will happen here one day too. With the NBN (National Broadband Network) it will, but it could be up to seven years away. Our region needs to be vocal in getting the NBN rolled out here ASAP. Why? Because the regions with the early rollout are at a distinct advantage to those getting it up to seven years later. Put aside any biases over the costs, whose policy it is, etc., the reality is the NBN rollout is happening. The cities/towns/regions that get it first will grow, attracting business, entrepreneurs, parents, students who want faster, reliable internet connection. We shouldn't be content to just wait our turn, whenever in the next seven years that maybe. NBN will have a tremendous positive impact on our working and personal lives and our region if we choose to embrace the possibilities it can provide. …


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