US Funny Guys Team Up in Heist; Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy

Article excerpt

CONSIDERING how long both of them have worked in the industry, it's surprising Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy have never worked together before Tower Heist.

The funny men star alongside Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck and Michael Pena as a group who conspire to rob the wealthy man behind a Ponzi Scheme.

Stiller talks about his latest character.

Q: What did you like about Josh Kovaks, your character in this film?

A: I liked the idea of him being a guy who played by the rules and is very responsible. I grew up in New York and knew guys like Josh who lived in the boroughs and worked those kinds of jobs. So, I was pretty familiar with someone who, like Josh, had a real commitment to his job and a sense of decency, because he takes pride in his work.

Q: What makes Josh decide to break the rules and organise a heist then?

A: He feels responsible for the people that work for him. …


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