We All Have the Right to Freedom

Article excerpt

I AM a live and let live kind of guy.

As long as someone else's behaviour and beliefs don't impinge unfairly on society, I am fairly tolerant and understanding.

It takes all types and characters to make the world go round and who needs uniformity.

People need the freedom to express themselves without having some narrow-minded red neck attack them for daring to be different.

Of course that is a broad and sweeping statement that does not include my dislike of the Mr Bean show and Michael Jackson's music.

All this is leading me to the current debate on gay unions and marriage.

I have no expertise in this area at all, other than my gut instinct.

I believe homosexuals deserve to be allowed to live their lives without fear of discrimination or intolerance.

The only issue I have with gay unions is the adoption of children.

Should a child with no choice in the matter be allowed to grow up with same sex parents? …


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