Water Use Spikes after Hot October

Article excerpt

Byline: Adrian Taylor adrian.taylor@capnews.com.au

PEOPLE across the region might not like the water at the moment, but they are using more of it than at any time since July 2010.

Average daily water consumption peaked in October throughout the region, with a parched and hot Rockhampton using 47 megalitres a day.

Fitzroy River Water statistics show a steady rise in consumption throughout the region since November last year with big rises in recent months due to warmer temperatures and the scant rainfall for months.

Demand for water collapsed in the early part of the year because of the floods and the amount of rainfall. Water restrictions were lifted from the Capricorn Coast and Mount Morgan for the first time in years, which has contributed to the increased consumption.

But despite widespread mistrust of the quality of drinking water, there have been few official complaints.

aThe total number of water quality complaints received during October increased slightly compared to September but remains lower than the number of complaints received between January and April this year,a says the report by FRW's strategic manager, Nimish Chand. …


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