Anglers Trespass at Mine to Catch Mythical Fish

Article excerpt

Byline: Daniel Burdon

YEARS of drunken fishermen repeatedly trespassing on a salt mine at Port Alma has forced Queensland's biggest salt producing company to call in police to deal with the rebel anglers.

But, according to Morning Bulletin columnist Scott Lynch, the fishermen may simply be searching for an elusive, possibly mythical giant fish.

A Cheetham Salt employee, who works at the Bajool salt mine, said that fishermen and their families had been trespassing on Cheetham land for more than 25 years.

The man, who would not be named in public, said the trespassing fishermen often got drunk, leaving beer and rum cans strewn across the company's land.

He was not only worried about the effect of over-fishing the company's ponds, which could affect the salt production process, but also for the safety of the anglers at the salt mine site.

aFor years we've had people breaking in, bolt-cutting locks on gates to gain access, and boating up the creek to land to fish in the creek and in the ponds,a he said.

aAbout three or four weeks ago I followed a trail of beer cans to find two men completely rotten drunk, no shirts or shoes on, fishing on our land.a

The company placed a public notice in this newspaper on Thursday, which said all previous permission to fish at the pond or on company land was now revoked, and warning that anyone caught trespassing on the land would be dealt with through the legal system. …


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