Recorders?Nothanks, We'retheukulelekids; Funky Stringed Instruments Strike a Chord with Pupils

Article excerpt

Byline: Kieran Banks

LEARNING the recorder has been a rite of passage for school children across the state for decades, but its day may have passed by.

The ukulele, the four-stringed guitar-like instrument from Hawaii, has found its way into the classrooms at Raceview State School and has struck a chord with the year 7 pupils.

Music teacher Roxanne Van Cooten heard about the idea at a music teacher's forum and thought her year 7 pupils would appreciate a change from the traditional instruments taught throughout schools.

C[pounds sterling]I heard about how popular they were and how the kids responded to them. By the time they reach grade seven they have already played the recorder,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]Some of them knew what a ukulele was, but some of them had no idea what I was talking about. But once we showed it to them they couldn't learn it fast enough. …


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