I Actually Preferred the Movie Book; Sit Down to a Set Movie Menu Courtesy of Film Critic Marc Fennell, Writes Miranda Cashin

Article excerpt

THAT Movie Book was born from blindness. It began as a silly but entertaining game played by film critic Marc Fennell after he discovered wearing the same pair of contact lenses for 18 months was not the greatest of ideas.

aI ended up with what my ophthalmologist termed a[approximately]tiny craters' in my cornea.

aI couldn't open my eyes for more than two minutes without shooting pain. I would sit in my office in my rocking chair staring at the wall-to-wall DVDs and pointing to films and drawing connections between them.a

He would point to a Disney movie and then wonder awho were the most racist Disney charactersa or best atrue stories that aren't actually truea.

aI realised one could create an entire year of weekends with movies using this process,a he said.

Fennell's earliest movie memory was his mum taking him to see Snow White when he was three.

aI remember desperately wanting to leave. The wicked witch terrified me,a he said.

Not the greatest start for a film critic.

The other contributor for That Movie Book was Marc's acrapa friends.

aBeing a professional movie critic, whenever my friends went to the video store they would call or text asking what they should rent.

aI thought a[approximately]Jesus Christ I'm writing a book for you guys'.a

And so That Movie Book was born. …


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