Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Sunday (Maroochydore, Australia)

Fate Sealed with a Brush

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Sunday (Maroochydore, Australia)

Fate Sealed with a Brush

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I AM realising more than ever that I have to be careful not to upset the delicate balance of the universe.

Because it can happen so easily.

I think they call it C[pounds sterling]the butterfly effectC[yen] - a small, seemingly insignificant event somewhere in the world having a major impact on something a million miles away.

Like the slight breeze created by the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Australia, creating a hurricane in the US.

Or the ripple of a stone thrown in the ocean at Mooloolaba, turning into a tsunami by the time it reaches New Caledonia.

Okay, so I'll get to the point.

I think I told you how I went back to Stanthorpe recently for my cousin's 50th birthday.

Well, the night before I left it was my turn to cook dinner and I went to the supermarket to get a few things.

I was looking for a curry we like but it wasn't on the shelf and when I asked a staff member she said there might be some out the back but they were short-staffed because someone had called in sick and no one had got around to restocking that shelf yet.

So I got a different brand and we still had our curry before I packed my bag for the trip.

But when we got up the next morning, I was feeling a bit crook and ended up spending a bit of time on the toilet.

I'm pretty sure it was the different curry disagreeing with me and it meant my departure plans became a bit confused and I ended up running late.

When I finally rushed out the door, I left my toiletry bag sitting on the bathroom bench.

I discovered my mistake that night when I went to clean my teeth at mum and dad's and I asked mum if she had a spare toothbrush.

C[pounds sterling]No worries,C[yen] said dad.

C[pounds sterling]Your mum's got a boxful in the cupboard.C[yen]

Mum gave him a look I couldn't interpret but went off and got me a new blue toothbrush.

It was all good until the next morning when dad pulled me aside and asked C[pounds sterling]Have you used that toothbrush mum gave you?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Yeah, why's that?C[yen] I replied.

C[pounds sterling]Oh, no reason,C[yen] he said before wandering off. …

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