Movie Book Born of Blind Fury; New Tome a Cinematic Compendium for the Avid Watcher, Writes Miranda Cashin

Article excerpt

THAT Movie Book was born from blindness.

It began as a silly but entertaining game played by film critic Marc Fennell after he discovered wearing the same pair of contact lenses for 18 months was not the greatest of ideas.

C[pounds sterling]Turns I ended up with what my ophthalmologist termed Cytiny craters' in my cornea,C[yen] he said.

C[pounds sterling]I couldn't open my eyes for more than two minutes without shooting pain. I would sit in my office in my rocking chair staring at the wall to wall DVDs and pointing to films and drawing connections between movies.C[yen]

He would point to a Disney movie and then wonder C[pounds sterling]who were the most racist Disney charactersC[yen] or best C[pounds sterling]true stories that aren't actually trueC[yen].

C[pounds sterling]I realised one could create an entire year of weekends with movies using this process.C[yen]

The other contributing factor for That Movie Book was Marc's friends.

C[pounds sterling]Being a professional movie critic, whenever my friends went to the video store they would call or text asking what they should rent,C[yen] he said. …


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