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Everyone's a Critic

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Everyone's a Critic

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The remake of the original 1984 film is truly inspiring, thrilling and modernized. The energy levels have been lifted in the new film, but it still retains the same plot line of music and dance banned in a small town. Bringing the hip music of rap, country and hip hop together created a lively chic dance movie that all viewers love. You can't help but jump out of your seat and dance!

Courtney Althoff, 21, Jacksonville


In the film "Immortals," King Hyperion declares war on humanity. Theseus, who was chosen by Zeus, must save the human race by fighting off King Hyperion and his warriors. Watching this film was like watching a painting in motion. The art effects were spectacular! As a whole, the film was disappointing, because the plot lacked substance and the characters lacked depth. It can definitely be described as a watered-down version of the film "300."

Brittany Williams, 22, Northside


"Puss in Boots" is a hilarious movie for all ages. Everyone in your family will love it. I went home with my cheeks aching from laughing so hard. It is truly that funny. The movie is also very action-packed as well. I would rate it one of the best movies in 2011. Separated from the "Shrek" movies, "Puss in Boots" has its own theme and story line. …

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