Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Now the Bubble Has Burst, We Need a Clear Vision for 2012; Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Now the Bubble Has Burst, We Need a Clear Vision for 2012; Columnist

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Byline: David Taylor- Gooby

IT is the time of year when columnists have a chance to sit back and think about what they would like in 2012. Well here goes.

We all know that we are in a mess, and that things may not get better for a while. We spent too much money that we did not have, and we are going to have to cut back. I do not want to go into whose fault it was, except to say that many of us, including the Labour Party, did not question what was happening because we did so well out of it We should have known better. Sooner or later the bubble had to burst. House prices could not automatically go on increasing, nor could people lend money they did not actually have for ever. The side effects were bad too.

Increasing inequality, with rewards not linked to effort or hard work. It used to make me sick that when modestly priced housing was built, speculators would buy it up to rent or resell it, thus depriving ordinary people the chance to buy. The whole thing was based on Society should fairer, and bad moral principles, so in a way it is a good thing it has ended.

such as housing should be a social good Unfortunately many people have suffered as a result of the crash, and we are not going to get back the sort of society we had before 2008, nor should we want to. So we have got to think what we want instead.

There seems to be a general feeling about that something's wrong. Ordinary people are suffering while bankers still get their bonuses. Cherished institutions such as the NHS appear to be in danger of collapse because of this Government's obsession with privatisation. Yet the Conservatives are doing well in the polls and Labour cannot hack it. Why? To some extent this is because David Cameron appears to have given that dodgy foreigner, Nicolas Sarkosy, a hiding, and English people like that. Getting one over on foreigners always boosts a government's standing. When people stop to think, however, they realise that Cameron's European failure to negotiate properly has actually done our country harm. …

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