Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

New Year's Rush at Gyms; Bundy Resolves to Get Fit in 2012

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

New Year's Rush at Gyms; Bundy Resolves to Get Fit in 2012

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Byline: Lea Emery

Weight loss tips

Get a good night's sleep Co A lack of sleep can increase the body's tendency to store fat and make you feel hungry.

Be realistic Co One of the biggest mistakes people make is to set unrealistic goals which are destined to fail.

Phone a friend Co Friends and family who are also losing weight provide one of the best sources of encouragement and motivation.

Eat healthier snacks Co Switch a bag of chips for a healthy alternative such as carrots, almonds and fruits.

Take a hike Co A short 15-minute walk first thing in the morning will help kickstart your metabolism.

GYMS across Bundaberg are seeing an influx of visitors determined to at least start 2012 in a healthy way.

Each year, the fitness centres are swamped with the predictable crowd who have made new year's resolutions to beat the bulge, tone their muscles or just improve their overall fitness and wellbeing.

City Fit manager Sharon Beath said the surge in membership numbers now rarely waited until early in the new year, but often started in the first days after Christmas.

C[pounds sterling]Years ago it used to be that the new year's rush did not start until after the kids had gone back to school,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]Now it seems to be as soon as Christmas has finished.

C[pounds sterling]People tend not to wait until new year, but decide they are going to do it now, so sign up as soon as they can.C[yen]

Ms Beath said most people who joined tended to keep their motivation up until the weather started to turn.

C[pounds sterling]When winter comes, it's harder for people to get out of bed in the dark and the motivation starts to drop,C[yen] she said.

But the long-time gym manager said she had noticed in recent years that people had tended to be more proactive about staying healthy.

C[pounds sterling]I think it's because there is a lot more (information) out there about the importance of looking after yourself,C[yen] she said. …

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