Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Max Crus Gong for 2011; Grape Expectations withMax Crus

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Max Crus Gong for 2011; Grape Expectations withMax Crus

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WHAT is it with Australia's obsession with winning stuff?

We want to win the lottery, we want to win the cricket and the footy and even soccer, although few people really care about soccer except every four years.

Speaking of which, we want to win medals at Olympics, preferably gold, although we want to win the others too, or just beat someone, anyone, New Zealand even, if we are out of the hunt for the medals.

And it's no different in the wine game. All winemakers want to do is win a gold medal or a trophy.

That's according to serious wine commentator and general (watch)dog's body for the industry, Tony Keys, in his influential periodical and key wine missive, The Key Report.

Indeed, he goes on, there's apparently not enough serious dialogue in our wine media (arguably as in Australian media generally).

Well don't expect any here. I am just as fixated with medals as the next bloke, Tony Keys notwithstanding, or should that be Cynot-when-standing' next to him?

Anyway, having said that, there's at least one trophy that wineries and winemakers aren't busting a gut to win, the eponymous Max Crus Trophy. (Don't you love that word? No, not trophy, you award-fixated Wally, Cyeponymous'.)

However someone has to win it and this year it goes to a winery that I never thought would win it. Not that they don't make decent wine; rather perhaps it's fair to say that most people would think they don't really aim for the serious, upper-end, dyed-in-the-barique, snob-bottomed, wine-sniffing market.

Also, for a change, the trophy goes to the top-scoring wine of 2011, as opposed to being awarded for some other nefarious, namby-pamby concept such as the wine with the most wow factor, or best value, as has happened in the past.

Incidentally the winning wine for 2011 had all the above, and possibly a bit more, which is why it scored 9. …

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