They're Beeping Losers; Our Girl Shows Up the Reality Heavyweights in Fitness Testing

Article excerpt

Byline: Seanna Cronin Group Entertainment Editor

CHRONOLOGICALLY speaking, I have nine more months to enjoy the last year of my 20s before the big 3-0.

But biologically speaking, I've already passed that milestone, as I discovered on a recent trip to the set of The Biggest Loser at Manly in Sydney's northern suburbs.

During my visit I took part in the reality weight-loss show's BioAge fitness test.

Developed by University of San Francisco Professor Paul Taylor, the test determines a person's physical age based on metabolic, physical and behavioural measurements.

Biggest Loser trainers Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton, Tiffiny Hall and The Commando helped Taylor try out the latest version of his test on us reporters.

First up was the easiest part of the test: the metabolic measurements of blood pressure, body mass index and lung capacity.

Then it was time to test some of our physical fitness with The Commando. With some of the contestants cheering us on, we first had to hold the plank position for three minutes.

As one of the two people in my group to make it to the end, I was feeling pretty good, but after the plank a push-up test turned my arms to jelly.

A final, and less-than-flattering, overhead squat tested our overall flexibility with The Commando pointing out any weaknesses. …


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