Katter's Party Leads Poll; Online Survey Trends to KAP Candidates

Article excerpt

Byline: Laura Hunt @thechronicle.com.au

Poll results

Toowoomba North

Peter Pyke (KAP) a 118/45%

Trevor Watts (LNP) a 99/38%

Kerry Shine (ALP) a 33/12%

Frida Forsberg (Greens) a 9/3%

Toowoomba South

David Curless (KAP) a 136/51%

John McVeigh (LNP) a 97/36%

Sam McFarlane (ALP) a 18/6%

Trevor Smith (Greens) a 12/4%

MORE than 500 Toowoomba residents have so far voted in The Chronicle's online election poll, with results leaning towards candidates for Katter's Australian Party in both Toowoomba North and Toowoomba South.

Of the major parties, LNP candidate Trevor Watts was leading for Toowoomba North with 38% of the votes and John McVeigh, also of the LNP, led Toowoomba South with 36%.

Mr Watts said although he didn't view these figures as an indication of what would eventuate at the polls against sitting Labor member Kerry Shine, he hoped voters would get rid of the atired Labor governmenta.

aObviously there will be a lot of polls between now and the polling day, and ultimately I'll be working hard to let people know I'm available to them and want to represent them,a Mr Watts said. …


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