Hospital Car Parking Has Raised Its Head as a Local Government Election Issue with Some Controversy

Article excerpt

Park and ride

PARK and ride is the answer not a multi-storey car park costing $8 million that could be better spent on improving our health system. No doubt with council and state elections coming up, prospective candidates will come up with lot of ideas that we cannot afford. There is not a hospital in any main centre in Australia that does not have car parking problems.


No council's job

SURELY it is not the job of a council to build car parks, there are much better things to spend ratepayers' money on. Surely if car parks are to be built in areas such as hospitals that are the responsibility of state governments, the council should leave them as State Government responsibility. I do not think the Brisbane City Council a much bigger council than the SCRC has built the car parks at Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Prince Charles etc.


Unmandated services

THE truth is council will not allow a building to be approved unless it provides parking, or unless this is going to cost the council; which would not please certain election campaign fund providers. …


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