Shipload of Relics at Chinderah; Riverside Museum a Gold Mine of Maritime History

Article excerpt

Byline: Mairi Manley

LANDLUBBERS and seafarers alike can gain an education while being gobsmacked by the incredible collection of maritime artefacts that collector Ray Evans has procured over the past 29 years.

Everything maritime from Portuguese ship cannons from the 16oos through to Aboriginal dugong-hunting spears has made his collection unique and fascinating on every level.

With 90% of his collection coming from local sources, Mr Evans' tales of obtaining his relics stun even the most knowledgable maritime buff, for who would believe that Portuguese and Dutch articles could simply wash up on the Australian shore?

aMuch of my collection has been sourced from Chinderah,a he told My Daily News.

aYou would be amazed at what people have collected and just how much maritime history there is in Chinderah.

aIt was the busiest port on the Tweed River for many years.a

Mr Evans' antique store and aMuseum of the Seaa reflects a passion in the man that drives him to seek and discover a new relic every day.

aIf I don't get at least one thing each day, I actually start shaking,a he said with a laugh. …