Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Casualties of Grocery Price War Will Be the Farmers

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Casualties of Grocery Price War Will Be the Farmers

Article excerpt

I SAW a farmer on the television last week almost in tears because he looked like he would have to give up farming because it was no longer a viable proposition.

In this case it was a dairy farmer but the same applies to all produce farmers.

The supermarket giants make themselves look good with their discount prices, while sending the farmers to the wall.

This week my wife bought beautiful tomatoes for $1.89 a kilo. How much did the farmer get to grow them?

The consumers are blind to the big picture and are only interested in saving money. Eventually there will be no farmers and all produce will be imported like just about everything else.

The only logical answer I can see, me being an uninformed lay person, is for the farmers to all get together and form a co-op and set up their own chain of supermarkets in competition with the big boys.

No middle man.

They could have their own central distribution centre and produce would be distributed direct to their stores. If other markets wished to buy their produce they would have to negotiate a price.

I see this as putting the control of prices back in the hands of the farmer.

Just imagine, no farmers. What do we do with the land? Dig holes in it for coal gas or some other mineral, which we would have to do to balance all the extra imports?



Put onus on drunks

THE tunnel vision and ignorance of people amazes me in regards to the security industry.

When will the onus be put on the drunken, violent, out-of-control clowns who frequent pubs and clubs every weekend? You can only reason with people so much.

It already costs crowd controllers hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a year to maintain a licence, only to be hit, kicked, abused and spat on every weekend.

I have no objection to further training to eliminate the small minority of C[pounds sterling]rent a thugsC[yen], but who's going to pay for it?


Bli Bli

On your frequency

WELL written, Ann Rickard (Old Wives' Tales, Daily, February 4).

Yes, the thousands of volunteers certainly keep our society running smoothly. Their unpaid efforts are really incalculable. …

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