School Chief's Evaluation May Get a Redesign; Accountability Measures Need to Have a Bigger Role, Board Members Say

Article excerpt

Byline: Topher Sanders

The Duval County School Board is discussing how it can better evaluate the district's superintendent.

The current evaluation tool was criticized by board members for only assessing the superintendent's behaviors and not addressing accountable and data-driven measures.

The board's redesign could result in 50 percent of the evaluation addressing behaviors, while the other 50 percent would deal with data like reading and math scores and graduation rates. The split is very similar to the new evaluation used for teachers.

"I was amazed at how teachers are held to a standard of accountability for data and then we had our superintendent evaluation and there wasn't that piece," said board member Becki Couch, who helped lead the effort on the redesign proposal. Couch was a teacher before joining the board a little more than a year ago.

Last year the board also wasn't on the same page with how to fill out the evaluations, and the members hope the new tool will be clear and eliminate confusion.

The redesigned evaluation doesn't have to be voted on by the board, Chairwoman Betty Burney said, but the board wants to complete the redesign by the end of January. The new evaluation is one of the district's goals for the year.

On Tuesday the board hadn't set a date for its next discussion about the evaluation.

The new quantitative portion will pull from the district's strategic plan. Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals said the board needs to consider whether it wants all 64 targets from the strategic plan in the evaluation.

Board member Fel Lee, who worked on implementing the quantitative portion of the evaluation, said the new tool makes a statement. …


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