Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Speeding Fine on a Slow Boat Overseas

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Speeding Fine on a Slow Boat Overseas

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LONG-SUFFERING mum and dad have been presented with many bills over the years incurred by their children.

There have been the bills from video hire shops when the video has been returned weeks after its due date, the speeding fines, parking fines and the road tolls with an overdue fee when kind dad lent his car.

But they reckon they have had the best one of all time.

A letter arrived the other day from the Lincolnshire Police in the United Kingdom, advising that UK-based son owed them 60 pounds for a speeding fine.

Dad quickly put the letter in an envelope and sent it off to son with a tersely worded note, aSlow Down!!!a

TWO Toowoomba brothers were stunned by the behaviour of another diner while eating at an Asian restaurant in Brisbane last weekend.

A clearly inebriated woman dining at the next table was excited to see the noodle/bread- like accompaniment to one of the Toowoomba lad's meals when it was brought to the table.

She asked what it was and then continued to eye it off the whole time he was eating.

She waited until he was finished to strike.

The woman, much to the horror of the group of people she was dining with, leaned over the lad to grab his used cutlery off the table before asking, aDo you mind if I try that?a

He was barely able to get a response out before she was cutting off a bit of the bread, dipping it in the now cold curry sauce and scoffing it down.

Her friend cried, aStephanie! No!a as the classy diner then reached for the lad's used napkin (which had spat-out food wrapped inside it) to wipe her mouth before departing for the ladies room.

After all, she didn't want to seem uncouth.

PRISONER was brought back to a Toowoomba court this week to answer to a 2009 offence which the presiding judge described as a abotched burglarya.

It appears our now 22-year-old man and some mates had gone to steal a load of copper wire from a Gatton facility and borrowed a girlfriend's car for the caper.

Having successfully cut their way through the perimeter fence and retrieved the copper wire, the hapless thieves only proceeded to bog the car on the muddy road out. …

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