Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Wild Ride Turns Bus Travel into Formula 1 Experience

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Wild Ride Turns Bus Travel into Formula 1 Experience

Article excerpt

MY WIFE and I have returned to the Sunshine Coast for a holiday, after living here for 10 years.

We came by plane from Melbourne to our family unit in Maroochydore. As we have no vehicle of our own to use, much of our travel throughout the Coast is by public bus.

This is a convenient and practical means of travel for us.

Unfortunately, three of our four experiences so far have not been pleasant ones.

The bus drivers in charge on those occasions had an abrupt and grumpy demeanour and they drove the buses like they were racing in a Formula 1 event.

Their speed and risk taking with high reliance on fast braking, made for unenjoyable journeys.

The routes we have been travelling backward and forward have been the 600 and 610 routes.

It was a relief on our most recent journey to find a driver who had good control and a common sense approach.

Yes, this driver was a woman, and her name was Jenny.

Congratulations Jenny. You have put some of your fellow, male, counterparts to shame.

This is my second complaint about the driving standards on the Sunbus routes between Maroochydore and Caloundra in 12 months.

It seems nothing has changed for the public using this essential service.



Islam brings benefits

THE ignorant and insular commentary on Islam by L.J. Plant demonstrates that he/she clearly does not embrace the multicultural views of the majority of Australians.

Islam, like Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism has a very rich history which has benefited the whole world including Australia.

L.J.Plant's C[pounds sterling]lifeC[yen] could be significantly enhanced if he/she bothered to take the time to open the mind and focus on the many positives of Islam as opposed to the negatives which also occur in all other religions.

Let's hope that L.J. Plant joins the real world and contributes positively to society.



How council works

I'M REALLY starting to wonder what council is all about.

I've been on many a committee and there is a president Co call him mayor if you like Co and the secretary, the one that worked or minuted everything to ensure everything was correct. …

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