Australians Have a Right to Be Heard and Have Their Own Beliefs

Article excerpt

AUSTRALIAN Christians are citizens of two lands.

We are citizens of this great nation of Australia and have the rights and responsibilities under our constitution.

We are also citizens of the kingdom of God and this kingdom also has rights and responsibilities.

As Australians we have a right to be heard.

We have a right to have opinions and beliefs.

That is the freedom that other Australians throughout many wars have fought for.

Yet, so much of the debate in society today is arguing that we don't have a right to decide what sort of society we want to live in and what values we can have.

If we have a different opinion we are lambasted as radicals, fundamentalists or some other extreme term.

We have been tolerant of intolerance for too long.

As citizens, taxpayers and ratepayers, we have both the right and responsibility to speak up.

I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said aNo one can make you feel inferior without your consenta. …