Emotionally Abused Men Need Support Too; You Can SMS Your Opinions to Us on 0407 088 442. Please Remember to Include Your Name and Suburb

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RE MEN are also subjected to non-physical abuse a couldn't agree more with you Andy; emotional abuse from women is so common. Why don't we hear of research on abuse to men?


WHEN candidates promise to reduce electricity costs voters are entitled to the facts. I hereby call on Bob Katter to question in the federal parliament... since the federal government announced in March 2011 it would probe into electricity gouging of households. What is the result, if any, of such a promised probe?


RE a Andy. I couldn't agree with you more. It certainly has become a woman's world. I feel sorry for men in our society. Men get no help or support when in need, yet women get everything. I would love to see the day when we all get treated equal. However, I do not think that day will come if society does not acknowledge this.

JADE, Ipswich

HATE to break it to you Chris, Sadliers Crossing. I have worked on an LNP booth last election and I volunteered a did not get paid one cent. Volunteer means volunteer, you do it for free.

BD, Ipswich

VERY well put Dr Rudkin. We should not be looking to blame someone but to improve the way we develop land in flood prone areas. …


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