Fairytales for Adults; A Fairytale for Grownups Takes to a Tyneside Stage Later This Month. Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR Has the Details

Article excerpt


A PREPONDERANCE of longlegged, beautiful princesses waiting lethargically for their prince to pass by is a criticism often levelled at the fairytale world.

But it's not one likely to follow in the wake of The Girl who Became a Boy, performed by Jo Blake Cave at Northern Stage on February 29.

Here it's the girls who slay monsters and the princes who are rescued from the grasps of evil reptilians.

Never mind that the girl has to dress as a boy to do it ... but if that's going to bother you, then so will the talking horse and other unlikely transformations!

Magic is, after all, what these fairytales for grown-ups are all about.

Combining an old Albanian wonder-tale with a discussion amongst the Greek gods about whether it is men or women who experience life more richly, storyteller Jo Blake Cave weaves her own enchantment into a post-apocalyptic, dark and futuristic fairytale world.

Using words, movement and gesture alone, and supported by a seductive gypsy-folk score, she draws her audience into a rich and vivid landscape, where our cast of imagined protagonists range from starving children and nursing mothers to warrior princesses and a gypsy-king sipping mead from an old baked bean can. …


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