Nurse Speaks on Tissue and Organ Donation; Josephine Reoch Addresses Benefit Association's Morning Tea

Article excerpt

JOSEPHINE Reoch says there are only two things guaranteed in life Co death and taxes Co both of which can be turned into something positive to help others.

A clinical nurse consultant for organ donation, Josephine was the guest speaker at the February Rockhampton and District Benefit Association morning tea at Frenchville Sports Club.

She said for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses, organ and/or tissue transplantation could mean a second chance at life.

About 1700 people were on Australian organ transplant waiting lists at any one time and since 1965 more than 30,000 Australians have received transplants.

Improved survival rates now mean most organ and/or tissue recipients enjoy many years of high-quality life after their transplant.

By choosing to record your donation decision on the Australian Organ or Tissue Donor Register, you could save the lives of up to 10 people and improve the lives of dozens more.

Recording your donation decision on the donor register is voluntary and you have complete choice over which organs and/or tissue you are prepared to donate. …


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