Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Old Horses Learn a New Trick

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Old Horses Learn a New Trick

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QUITE a number of years ago I studied a basic 101 course in political science. My very basic understanding of the C[pounds sterling]bottom lineC[yen] is that the Labor Party stood for the C[pounds sterling]greater good of allC[yen] while the Liberal/National Party stood for C[pounds sterling]individualismC[yen] and C[pounds sterling]survival of the fittestC[yen].

Currently I provide a home/food/shelter etc for four very old C[pounds sterling]rescuedC[yen] horses/ponies.

During the recent adverse weather conditions my ancient equines exhibited an intelligence that I think humans should endeavour to replicate.

With only an old one-horse stable available for shelter, and with potential survival of each individual at stake, they chose to forego the usual pecking order/power play/top horse etc and stood together in support of each other, in order to share the limited space/ stable/protection and thereby all survived the adverse conditions.

Personally, I think all of our politicians could learn a lesson from these old horses.



The honourable vote

IF MEMBERS of the ALP's federal parliamentary caucus have any concern for the interests of the nation, as opposed to their own personal interests, the only honourable option available to them would be to vote in favour of a motion to reject the spill called by the Prime Minister, followed by a vote in favour of a motion directing Julia Gillard to call a general election for the House of Representatives.

In the event that caucus members decide otherwise, then the independents should save the nation from further embarrassment by moving a vote of no confidence in the current Federal Government.


Boreen Point

Listen to constituents

ONE of our first thoughts when it was advised that PM Julia Gillard would be holding a special poll to see who would be chosen by her parliamentary colleagues as best to lead Labor, her or Kevin Rudd, was to come to the conclusion that, if I was one of these parliamentarians, I would be making a full check of my own electorate to find out what their choice was. …

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