Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Core Stability Is Vital in Sports

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Core Stability Is Vital in Sports

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THE importance of core stability training has been recognised over recent years, but it is an important component to overall well-being. People develop bad habits easily and that results in poor movement patterns when musculoskeletal pain becomes evident, which could happen during the normal stresses of life, training, or your sporting events. That changes motor control for Cylow load' activities, which include adjusting of postural positions and normal functional movements that occur daily, say the experts.

People with poor movement patterns then tend to use Cyhigh load' strategies for low-load activities. This is starting to get complicated, but stay with me. When these poor patterns are corrected this leads to decreased pain, increased range of movement, and improved function.

On the sporting field, the assessment of high-load stability is important. If an athlete demonstrates poor high-load stability control, that will have a dramatic effect on how long that person will last in the sport.

Therapists and coaches need to ensure their athletes undergo a detailed assessment to help identify movement faults under either low and high load occurring during their sport.

The muscles involved when specific low-load tests are assessed are: transverse abdominis Co one of the main muscles of your core stability, obliques, and the pelvic floor muscles.

I hope I haven't lost you yet. Some low-load problems develop before the onset of pain and injury, and they appear to be a contributing factor to the development of injuries. …

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