Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Is There an Answer to the Issue of Climate Change - and Are We Even Getting Warmer?

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Is There an Answer to the Issue of Climate Change - and Are We Even Getting Warmer?

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EXPRESS any doubts on climate change and global warming fanatics will hammer you to death.

But the question of climate change and man's possible implication in it is too important to duck so I repeat, I don't know where truth lies.

If we are to believe a Governmentcommissioned report, the number of English households struggling to pay their fuel bills could reach almost 10 million by 2016 due to rising energy prices and green taxes.

Professor John Hills, who compiled the report, said: "There is no doubt that fuel poverty is a serious national problem - increasing hardship, contributing to winter deaths and other health problems."

Barnardo's claim that the poorest households are being forced to scrimp on heating and Age UK claim that a quarter of all pensioners live in fuel poverty.

Some 1,876 patients were treated for hypothermia in 2010/11 and the death toll from hypothermia within 30 days has reportedly doubled.

If people in Britain are suffering like this we need to address that problem but we also need to take sensible measures to safeguard the planet if it is under threat.

There is no argument on that. The only question is, how big is the threat and are we taking sensible measures? In America thousands of wind turbines are already left to rot. In Britain, last year, a reported pounds 25m was paid to wind farm companies for shutting down on blustery days. By 2020 the government will be handing a reported pounds 100m a year in rent - it is estimated that each large turbine can generate pounds 40,000 a year for the landowner. There are also claims that every British family is now contributing pounds 144 to fight climate change in foreign countries.

If these measures were paying off there is some justification but Professor Michael Kelly, Professor of Technology at Cambridge and himself a believer in global warming, writes to a newspaper to claim that evidence has been "consistently over-egged to produce alarm."

He added: "All real-world data over the past 20 years has shown climate models to be exaggerating the likely impacts ... I am most worried by the billions of pounds being mis-invested and lost as a consequence."

Are all these reports about the cost and ultimate failure of wind farms true or are they too "consistently over-egged to produce alarm"? I, and I suspect many others, simply don't know and yet we are expected to shell out. We need an international effort to unite expert opinion in hammering out the truth, including the future place for gas and nuclear power. Leaving it to the propaganda of opposing sides and the yelling of bullies and bigots is not good enough.

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